The 7 Best Internet Speed Test Apps For Android Devices

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Are you worried about the internet speed you get on your android device? We are with the 7 Best Internet Speed Test Apps. Which will provide you with the basic information about the internet you get on your device.

Well someone doesn’t know about anything what he pays for it and what speed he gets on devices he uses. So with these Tools, you will be able to test the Wi-Fi and internet speed from your devices. You will be up to date with the speediness you get. 

What are the best internet speed test apps?

Following are the 7 Best Internet Speed Test Appthat can provide the features to test the provided on your android devices. Below you can get the details about these top 7 listed apps.

Speed test by Ookla

You can check the download, ping, and speeds of the internet you receive on your android mobile. There is an option of this information with the provider when you see the speediness is not up to the mark. 

This application provides you the option to play a few videos to check the speed you get for video streaming on your android devices. for better performance, this application needs the exact information of your location.  

With this, you will be offered VPN services, up to a limit of 2 GB per month and it can be upgraded. You can get this app for free and with premium services.


Screenshot of Meteor

You will get an offer testing Wi-Fi and the data services like 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. This application provides the best accurate and reliable resources to check the internet speed on your android devices.

It’s going to give the best results for the users, including upload speed, and ping rate among many other. With Meteor, you can also view how well certain apps will perform, and learn more about what you can do with the speeds available.

It becomes boring when an application produces ads while you examine any network for speed. So this application gives ads-free services.

SpeedTest Master

This app can be said as a straightforward app for testing your internet speed using an android device. With the speediness test, you will get a homepage displayed, downloads, and upload speeds. But before this, you have to get through an ad to access the data. 

You can carry out many actions like tests for detecting Wi-Fi signal strength. Also with the help of the history tab, you can access all the data over weeks and months. With the free version, you will get many ads while you examine the speeds. But the premium version doesn’t include any ad while all the process is done.

Wifi Router Master

You can use the Wi-Fi Router Master to make sure that your Wi-Fi performance isn’t one of them. The Wi-Fi Router Master app contains useful features for testing your Wi-Fi speeds, checking who is using your Wi-Fi network, and check your signal strength.

This speed test app identifies your Wi-Fi’s ping rate, and upload and download speeds. Like other internet speed test apps, you can access the test history and additional details about the capacity of your connection. Unfortunately, you will have to get through many ads to use most of the features of this app.

Internet Speed Test Meter

Screenshot of Internet Speed Test Meter

Internet Speed Test Meter gives you the download and upload speeds of the Wi-Fi your phone is connected to. The interface is colorful and straightforward to use. You can change from light mode to dark mode for better visibility at night.

With this app, you can save the results of your speed test after viewing them on the history tab. If your Wi-Fi speed keeps dropping, testing your connection or switching Wi-Fi channels can help fix the problem.

With a subscription to the premium version you will be able to access, all the mainly examined on a daily routine and it will be an ad-free process for everyone using an android device.

Speed Test

Screenshot of Speed Test

Like other devices you will get the same services with this application, you can check the upload speeds, download speeds, and ping rates of your Wi-Fi connection. You would the interface that is so easy to use 

This app also includes ads while you reach to examine your speeds on your android devices. You will get the best features with this app, but you can say it could examine your speed. This app is all free to download and use.

Simple Speedcheck

With the name, it is a simple app with features and services provided to examine the internet speeds you get on your device. You will have the option of checking the ping monitor to test your connection and detects all internet-related problems.

One can get the personal testing history and much more additional information and tips from the app will be available for further guidance you need. With the purchase of premium, you can easily examine the internet without the interruption of ads.

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Final Words 

These are the 7 Best Internet Speed Test Apps that will confirm the internet speeds you get on your devices. So one should have these kinds of applications to check the speeds they get on their devices without wasting their money.

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