The Top Five Android Antiviruses to Secure Your Device

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If you are an android user you need something that will protect precious material from malware in android mobile. So we are with these Top Five Android Antiviruses. These all five applications going to protect your android devices.

The Anti-Virus is going to remove all unwanted malware, viruses, and online threats from your devices.

So get these antiviruses to protect your precious personal information from hackers and others’ access. If you want to avail these best applications you just have to visit Google Play Store.

The Top Five Anti Viruses Includes For 2021

Following are the Top Five Android Antiviruses that will protect you from all unsecured material that comes in contact with your android devices.


Screenshot of Bitdefender

Bitdefender is going to protect android devices from Malware, Spyware, and Ransomware, so the demand for scans will remove all this from your android device. Your mobile will be 100 percent more protected and safe to use with these apps in your mobile.

This app will help you in detecting any fraudulent links and your online activity will be safe and secure. There is an Auto Pilot option that will recommend secure actions in the context of your device needs.

It offers to lock applications with a pin or fingerprint so no one can mess with your personal data. It just needs Wi-Fi connectivity for the apps to unlock smartly. Bitdefender will send you active weekly reports about the performance of mobile and how you can improve from time to time.


Another well-refined application that detects viruses and eliminates them from your android mobile devices. Well another best option for users to back up their data and store it in the cloud, it’s the combination of security and antivirus features so one can rarely access your data.

Helps to protect you from dark websites whenever you enter there. It will notify you if someone breaches your personal data and will take needed actions against this unwanted spam.

Grand encryption allows users to visit the most wanted sites without any restrictions you will have a safe surf throughout. If you want to get this app with amazing features to explore, you need to visit Google Play Store.


Screenshot of McAfee

With McAfee security you will be able to protect all your privacy, it includes Wi-Fi access and mobile anti-scanner and cleaner plus spyware protection for all android mobile devices. So one can protect his own personal data.

With all these features you will be able to improve the performance of the android devices getting these features, storage cleaner, memory booster, battery booster, and data usage tracking for every user.

This app will automatically backup your contacts through the McAfee cloud you will have safe and easy access to your contacts in the future. You will be able to recover contacts from your stolen or lost android devices.


It provides permanent protection from viruses and it can organize on-demand scans on your android devices. Prevents virus infection while transferring any material to your computer and other devices in contact with USBs.

This antivirus will easily spot malware, spyware, and other harmful materials on your android devices. It also identifies risks while someone uses the Wi-Fi it will recommend taking action by notifying you with alerts.

You can get strong encryption for your personal private files so no one can easily access them. You can also be able to store important documents Panda cloud and you will have easy access to them in the future.

Bull Guard

Screenshot of Bull Guard

Like other antiviruses, it also gives you protection from different viruses, adware, malware, and track wares with an option of cloud protection for its users. This app will allow you the best offline services and features.

For your stolen mobile anti-theft feature can locate your mobile and have the ability to swipe up all the data from it and providing users with the best recovery of their data. Users’ data is easily backups and has safe use in the coming days.

This app will scan automatically when you install an app on your mobile device. You can also recommend a time to scan your android device. So it will be protected and perform at its best on daily basis.

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Final Words

The performance of an android mobile can be enhanced by protecting android mobiles through these Top Five Android Antiviruses. These applications will help you in protecting from harmful malware and spam. So you can use these apps to protect yourself from unwanted legalities.

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