5 Best Truck Simulator Games for Android Mobiles & Tablets

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If you are looking for the best simulator game, we are with some of the 5 Best Truck Simulator games. You will receive the best feature and services playing the Truck game. it will feel like the real truck driving experience with these apps.

These applications can also offer you real-life truck driving for all players. All this can be available in a single app which can be played on any android device. Users can be offered many different maps where you can have interesting road riding.

What are the five best truck simulator games?

Experience real-life truck driving with these 5 Best Truck Simulator games. In this listed guide you will get all details down below.

Euro Truck Evolution

Screenshot of Euro Truck Evolution

This is listed as the most popular simulator gameplay for android users. The game offers lite, smooth, and users have a great experience while playing the game. You feel real gameplay while you play this on your devices


  • Drive across country roads, highways, and off-road
  • Easy controls (tilt, buttons, or touch the steering wheel)
  • Realistic weather conditions and day/night cycle
  • Visual damage on trucks
  • Detailed interiors for each truck brand
  • Amazing engine sounds
  • Improved AI traffic system
  • Online Multiplayer with Servers or Convoy mode
  • Achievements and Leaderboards

World Truck Driving Simulator

With this game, you can be able to compare graphics with a PC. Want some similar graphics then get this amazing application on your android device. The gaming on mobile will be the same as it’s on the PC.


  • Cycle day/night with beautiful visual
  • Rain and climate change
  • Leaderboards
  • System of achievements
  • Report on the latest gains and expenses.
  • Radars and fines
  • People in companies
  • Scales, toll booths, tax stations, gas stations, and various other events in the game.
  • Gps on Dashboard

Heavy Truck Simulator

Screenshot of Heavy Truck Simulator

Mobile gamers can experience the same effects that are available while playing on a PC. You will not get the best controls to play in this otherwise it’s a good game to play on android devices.


  • Beautiful Brazilian locations
  • Many Trucks, from the old to the newest ones! (more trucks to come on the next updates)
  • Great Graphics
  • Realistic Physics and Gameplay
  • Dirt Roads with bumps and Holes bring more reality and fun to the game
  • Many Trailers and jobs (more trailers will be added on the next updates)
  • Day/Night Cycle

Truck Simulator 2018

This is the most downloaded game on IOS and Android devices. this game shows a similar gaming experience to euro truck gaming. The game is about 164 Mbs in size and is available totally for free.


  • 11 Amazing (Next-Generation Trucks)
  • Realistic Interiors
  • Realistic driving experience
  • 250+ radio stations
  • Highway Toll roads
  • Drive Across Europe
  • Realistic traffic system
  • Impressive Customization
  • Realistic weather
  • 60+ Challenging levels (Explore Amazing Scenarios)
  • Drive across country roads, city roads, and highways

The Truck Simulator USA

Screenshot of The Truck Simulator USA

This simulator game can be said as a different game experience for all users. It gives the real feel of the game. And the game size is about 169 MB in size and is available for free on android devices.


  • Many American brands
  • USA, Canada, and Mexico
  • Different climate locations: desert, snow, mountain, city
  • Improved Controls (tilt steering, buttons, or virtual steering wheel)
  • Manual Transmission with H-Shifter and Clutch
  • Realistic Engine Sounds (V8, Cummins, etc.)
  • Lots of trailers to transport
  • Multiplayer Mode and Career Mode
  • Visual and mechanical damage on vehicles
  • New weather system (snow, rain, sun…)

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Final Words

These 5 Best Truck Simulator games will give you the real-life experience of truck driving. It offers all the best features and services, it includes game upgrades by completing the levels offered in the game. feel the best experience and download these apps on your android devices. 

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