Top 10 Battle Royale Games For Android

Top 10 Battle Royale Games For Android
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If you are looking for the best battle royal we are with, the Top 10 Battle Royale Games. These provide you the best scenes and graphics that one can love to play. You will be able to receive the best action ever you may have in a battle.

These Battle Royale games include millions of online players. The main purpose of this BR is to survive till the gameplay ends. These battles are loved by many players around the world due to their fast-paced and action-oriented game.

The Battle Royale games for Android

You would love to play these Top 10 Battle Royale GamesYou will receive the best action with the best graphics ever in gameplay. You can check the details below.


This is the most popular battle royale game that receives millions of active users around the globe. This has been downloaded 200 million times on the Google play store. In this game, you will jump out of a plane onto an island where you can loot weapons, ammo, and supplies to survive in the match.

You will be able to play five maps in total, where you can play solo or two men squad modes. So it’s up to you whatever gameplay mode and map you would like to choose.

Free Fire

Screenshot of Free Fire

Another with many skills and actions where you have to survive till the end. After landing on the island you have to hunt weapons ammo and other reliable things to survive till the end.

Also, you have to get all resources related to your health so you can get a health boost. Over time you have to take care of the circle when you can be safe it shrinks with time spends. For survival, you have to ensure that you are in the safe zone.

Rules of Survival

Google play store has received 50 million downloads for this game. You can say this game is a pure copy of PUBG. Users will need to have a free space of 2.7GB on android devices and requires a high-performing processor to run this BR game.

A player has to survive along with 120 other players in the battle. You can receive all the same rules followed by the PUBG mobile. Here you can get the best vehicles latest weapons and much more to survive in the gameplay.

Call Of Dutty

This can be said as the 2nd best BR that offers the same action provide by the PUBG mobile users. It was awarded as the best action gameplay for the year 2019, competing with PUBG mobile. This battle provides you the best characters to play like Soap MacTavish, Captain Price, Simon Ghost Riley, and many more characters to play.

This provides you the latest updates for the gameplay where you can upgrade your weapons, characters, maps, and much more. This makes it the best survival and competes for the rating list with PUBG.

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds

Screenshot of Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds

This action game is fast-paced where players could be dropped in the gameplay, to find all needed equipment to eliminate each other same like other BR games. You will receive a chat option with low graphics settings for low-end devices.

The total number of players receive only 25 players in the action gameplay. Also, you can play the zombie mode and team battle mode, so this makes the best battle royal for android users.

Knives Out

Knives Out is a well-known royale play for Android with around 10 million downloads. The game is like any other battle royale among other games on the list, but the encounters with other players are graphically violent.

At a time, 100 players can join the battle royale mode, and five players can play the game in a group. You will get amazing weapons and maps, and also upgrades will be available for all android users.

Battlelands Royale

Screenshot of Battlelands Royale

Battleland Royale consists of totally different characters from other battle royale games. An average battle royale match in the gameplay lasts for around 3 to 5 minutes. It’s a third-person royale gameplay where 32 players can be involved in the battle.

 As experienced at the time of testing, it lags a little bit despite having a good internet connection. However, compatibility with lower-end devices is what makes Battleland Royale one of the best Royale games on Android.

Creative Destruction

This game can be said to the similar to Fornite, It has been said as the clone game. Provides a large number of maps to play with 100 players in the gameplay. You can make a thing and also the option of destruction things you make in the gameplay.

You cannot run this game on mid-range mobile or low ranged mobiles it requires high ram android devices. Users can receive bugs while they play, all with this it is still a good game to play.


Screenshot of Fortnite

Another popular action gameplay that received many controversies when it was launched this game is said to be the 100 players game. you will be dropped to the island from a plane and you have to build your enemy and all weapons to survive in this action game.

This offers you to sync your data between your mobile and the PC, so you will be able to receive all the skins. There are many more issues but it’s far better than other BR to play it on android devices.

Guns Royale

You will receive the best mechanics in an action game, it can be said as the standard BR games. You will be drop down to survive between many more players, you just have to take care of the shrinking zone where you can be killed if you are out of the circle.

This gives you AR elements and much more features to play with this action game. You can play this for free, so get this BR on your mobile to receive all action with other active players.

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Final Words

Top 10 Battle Royale Games will provide you the best action ever you may have. With the amazing survival techniques, you will receive the finest of all the latest weapons, ammo, characters, maps, and much more with these BR games.

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