Top Five Navigation Apps for Android to Find Your Way

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For navigation one should get help out of these while they are out traveling. So one gets to its destination point without any delay, so one can get the exact route without being lost on away or stuck in traffic. We are with some of the Top Five Navigation Apps for you all.

These applications will guide you to your destination while keeping you informed when you are on the road. You can check which way is the easiest and the least time-consuming track for your travel. You can also which track is blocked or have dense traffic to travel on.

So get these applications on your device and get the best features and services, available while you travel outside your home. You can have an image of the happenings outside on the road with a single click on the app.

What Are Top Five Navigation Application For Android Are?

Below you could get the best five navigation apps, these Top Five Navigation Apps with the best features and services may have the best outside track images.

Google Maps

This app is the most popular app ever you may have, this application is available on every android mobile. This application is used by the vast majority of people and includes multiple platforms for its android users.

This app helps you in navigating while traveling from one place to other, also has tons of information about every location surrounding you and all over. You can easily get the best information about the place you visit like schools, hotels, hospitals, and much more with your travel needs.

In this application, you can set your favorite destination and you can get information about trending destinations from time to time. So one can plan his traveling destination without wasting any time.

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Here Wego

Screenshot of Here Wego

This app is named Nokia Here maps and is an excellent alternative to Google maps. With time owner of this app was changed and given a new name HERE WeGO. In this, you can download offline maps for entire countries which can be updated with time.

So you don’t have to worry about any internet connection. The design of this app is also quite excellent and easy to use for every user. Details of these maps are easily visible to everyone, it also allows you to book a taxi for yourself.

It contains a lot of information about all the locations you can also turn on the voice that is included in this application. This is also free and can’t charge you anything, ads are included in this application but are far from being interfering with the function and performance.


This is the easiest app and is free to download and use. The app is purchased by Google a while back, Google has introduced the best features, services, and updates. The app provides the best services for your destinations with real-time alerts.

So you get updated information about incidents, traffic, police, traffic, and much more. It also gives you speed alerts while you drive, so you can be aware of its speed limits and have a safer time while traveling.

This will help you in getting the gas station route while you are out of gas, although while you get the gas just turn on your favorite music and enjoy the ride you have while traveling.


Screenshot of Sygic

Sygic is a great application in general, but it comes more prominent than alternative route guidance. You will have easy access to the best alternative routes with this amazing application on your mobile.

This app allows you to download more maps on your mobile to use for offline purposes. It also includes turn-by-turn navigation, speed limits, displays, etc. there are more services available with the subscription services.

For these subscription services, users have to pay $13.99, $17.99, or $29.99, depending on what kind of subscription they are up to. These subscription models will deliver you the best features and perks ever you may have on navigation apps.


This interesting app allows you to multiple services in a single app, this will give you all-in-one navigation services so far so good to use with its available features. You will have easy access to Google Maps, Open Street Maps, MapQuest, and Cycle Route Maps.

The app includes more exciting features like trail recording and an exceptional waypoint management system. Also have some specialized features for camping, fishing, hunting, and various outdoor activities.

This app will also allow the turn-by-turn feature, with this all you can say is that this application is a dated application not like what modern apps will offer to its users. But still, it works well and gives the best features available in it.

Final Words

If you to get correction information or the best available direction, you will need it while traveling to different places. These Top Five Navigation Apps are amazing to use and will guide you with their best features and services and take you to your destination.

Hope you love this list of navigation apps shared on Apk2play. Don’t forget to share this list with your friends and family who are planning a tour.

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