Top 5 Places to Get Flare Gun in PUBG Mobile Game

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Are you a good player of the PUBG game and looking for the Top 5 Places to Get Flare Gun? So we are with some of the best places where you can find great weapons. It plays a significant role while you play the famous royale PUBG mobile.

Although with the capability as a weapon, it provides the best equipment like it a level 3 helmet, a bag, and a vest when the player uses it inside the play zone. It also brings a bulletproof jeep when used outside the safe area.

What are the five best places to find the flare gun?

The Top 5 Places to Get Flare Gun where you have the maximum chance to get the flare gun. The detailed locations are given below.


Screenshot of Georgopol 

This is the best location with a very high rate to find the guns, you may find them on containers, or in them, or they may be spawned in the warehouse located in the Erangel. Here you can find more than one time in this location. 

With the high rate of getting flare guns in this place, you will get the best weapons and 3 items to loot for the squad or player. For all players, this place is the richest location to find amazing weapons of your choice.

By getting all the necessary equipment you would have the best game you may ever have played. So with all these, you can defend yourself till the game ends. Here you may have a high risk of being killed by an enemy because all participants have an eye on this place.

Military Base 

The 2nd most favorite place for the players to get into, the location is surrounded by a lot of buildings so that’s why this makes it the most desired place by the player the chances are very high to find a flare gun here. 

All the players can find the best loot here with the flare guns, another opportunity with the loot you can do bridge camping here, which will improve the skills that may have the best effects on your game.

More chances of favor you get that the zone ultimately ends here so you don’t have to go anywhere chasing the closing zone. Also, this location can be said as a high-risk area where you can be killed. 

Mylta Power 

Screenshot of Mylta Power 

In this place, you will have a medium chance to find the flares gun. Also here you may have a medium chance of getting killed by the enemy. At best you may be the most vulnerable person to others to target you.

Well with all these this location makes itself to the top five rated positions to get the flare gun. With medium risk, the player can choose this place to find the flare guns. So, in the beginning, you may have the chance of getting the best equipment.

With the advantage of building, you may find anything here, with the safe essence of looting you would survive till the end.


This place has gotten immensely popular these days. If the first zone is away from Georgopol, then the player can come to this place for the flares gun. This place was not much of a hot drop, but now the risk here is quite high.

Just like Georgopol, the flare gun can be found in or above the containers or in the warehouses. Other than this, the place has enough loot for not just a player but for the whole squad along with some buildings that help to get cover during intense fights.

Shooting Range 

Screenshot of Shooting Range

The possibility to find the flare gun may be so low as compared to other places. But with the advantage of a low-risk place, you can get here to search for the best equipment. This comes in the top list of players to find the flare guns here.

You can find the flare guns in the boxes and the equipment which will be a lot of 5.5mm ammo for guns like M416, Mini14, and much more for players. The area is too small that’s why it would not take too much time to find a flare gun

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Final Words

These are the Top 5 Places to Get Flare Gun and the best equipment you may find here. All these places are rated in the top five list, with a high ratio of finding flare guns in these locations. Here may be at high risk but with the best rewards, you get here.

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