Top 5 Parallel Space Apps for Android: Enjoy Multiple Accounts

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For a professional a person needs to have separate accounts, so we are with the Top 5 parallel space apps which will provide you with separate accounts for personal and professional use. You can easily log in to both accounts.

With these applications on your android device you will be able to clone any app. it’s quite helpful for people because they can avoid intermixing accounts with each other. All these applications are easy to use on android devices.

What are the five best parallel space apps?

You will get the same services with these Top 5 parallel space apps. All these top-listed apps have the following details given below.


This is a cloning app that helps you to arrange multiple accounts to manage your work and personal life separately. One can switch from one account to another account so you will not have any complications with mixing accounts that you use on your android devices.

These applications are easy to use and have easy access to download it on your android devices. You don’t have to pay anything for the services.


  • You can easily switch between different accounts with a single tap.
  • The app is stable, powerful, and easy to use.
  • The app doesn’t collect users’ personal data if the apps are added to it.
  • It is light on resources.

GO Multiple

Screenshot of GO Multiple

This application can be said as a decent app for android users to clone apps. You don’t have to worry about the leakage of your personal information. Feel free to get stable services with this app, where you can easily clone an application.

Using these apps doesn’t slow down your android device, you can store anything in it where fresh optimization services are provided.


  • Swiftly lets you switch between interfaces.
  • It has a clear and intuitive interface.
  • It doesn’t hog your device memory.
  • You can use it for the parallel functioning of a device and it will store the data of both the original and clone separately to avoid confusion.

Multiple Accounts

With the help of this app, you can log in to multiple accounts within a single device. The features will help you to switch accounts with ease. This application can run smoothly on android devices that perform multiple activities.

Get connected with the different accounts with a single app on your android device. With this app, you will get fast services with secure resources.


  • You can have a double gaming experience by making two game accounts on Google Play.
  • You can switch between two interfaces swiftly.
  • You can get connected to different friends and share parallel information with multiple accounts.
  • The app is fast and secures to use.

2 Face

Screenshot of 2 Face

This is the best cloning app for android users you can clone multiple apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and much more. With a single tape, you will be able to switch from one account to another account on your device.

Don’t be confused with many applications that are available on the play store. This could be the best choice you may ever have on your android devices.


  • You can switch between accounts with just a tap on the notification bar.
  • You can get notifications from both accounts concurrently.
  • It lets you store the data of an app separately to avoid confusion and conflict.
  • You can keep your secret app safe with Locker.

App Clone

Another best cloning app with amazing features is offered to android users. With this app, you can log in to multiple accounts of your choice. Just like other cloning applications, it provides you the fastest access to its main app and to others as well.

This app provides you with the best option to lock where you can be able to lock your stored apps. It doesn’t share any information with other sources.


  • It provides you quick access to original and clone accounts by swiping.
  • You can create a clone for any of the apps available.
  • You get a locker to keep your private apps, photos, and more.
  • You can make changes in the notification and cover page settings from the switch settings.

Hope you will try these virtual apps on your android. You can also try the following apps to get a good Android Experience.

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Final Words

Well, these Top 5 parallel space apps will help you to clone anything from the list that is available on your android device. With fast and accurate services you can separate your personal and private accounts. Get these apps on your android device to get the best-clone apps on your device.

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