Top 5 News & Magazine Apps for Android to Stay Up to Date

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Are you looking for the best newspapers to read on your android device, we are with Top 5 News & Magazine Apps which will provide you with the latest newsflash all around the globe. You will get the best stuff with all these online apps.

In the old days, you have to wait for the newspaper to arrive at your door, now the wait is over with these android applications available on your devices. Get these apps on your devices and get the newest news flash around you.

What are the 5 News & Magazine Apps?

With vast channels you receive the latest information nowadays it’s never been as easy to have accurate information with these 5 Top News Apps. All the details are given below.

AP News

Screenshot of AP News

This application can be said as a decent news app, it produces news from its sources and many more from local and international as well. One can get different variety of topics related to eCommerce, health, education, politics, and much more for the users.

You will not get the best newsflash related to politics but it’s better than most newspapers. You can get the best content with help of professional content writers, so one can have faith in the update they spread.

Comparing this app with others you will get free services, but it will be annoying when it produces ads while reading the newspaper. Get the best and the latest news by downloading this application on your android devices.


You will get this app the most popular with its content and the services they provide. This application can be said as an RSS reader. With Feedly, you can get a variety of resources and sites where you can get the most favorite newsflash.

Here you can build your own newsflash from the resources where you think they are the most trusted. You can participate with Facebook IFTTT, Twitter, Evernote, OneNote, Pinterest, Linked In, and others. You can have the option of an android device and a PC also.

You can download this app for free with ads while you read. It’s exceptional that you would have 40 million feeds in total for its users. For normal users, it could be expensive while you pay for the subscription payment.


Screenshot of Flipboard

This app comes at the top of the list of newspapers it’s all familiar to the Feedly application. You can generate feeds for favorite newsflash sources, sites, and other places. You will receive different features with many more interesting and faster services.

Flipboard provides you with the best animation, large images, and the best option of UI that makes the best option the digital magazine. You will get more features to discover what’s best for your interest, here you can get with ease.

Most people refer to this news application due to its latest features and services. One can get decent news and all android users, can download this app for free without paying a single penny.

Microsoft News

This app produces the top news from trusted resources where you can get all kinds of news around the world. With more than 1000 premium publishers and more than 4500 media outlets around the world makes it the most popular news app.

With personalized content feeds one can get the latest news generated by Microsoft employees. You have the option to sync the news with the app and the web for cross-platform support. Although you can save articles for later use.

This app provides a dark theme option for its users, here you can search a large number of news categories you like to read. It’s all free and has easy access to the apk for all android users.


Screenshot of Pocket

With its unique features, it’s the most interesting news app for users to read. It doesn’t offer content. However, it will save whatever content you happen to stumble across during your day. You’ll no doubt find something on Twitter or Facebook or in a chat that you can’t read right now. 

This application stores whatever you would like to read, later on, provide offline services to users. Here you can have a decent reading experience with more features to discover as well. The latest information can be shared by notifications.

More options like unlimited storage, tag system, text-to-speech, and much more features are available on PC. So get all these latest features and enjoy o read the best content on this app.

Final words 

Top 5 News & Magazine Apps will provide you with the best options to get the latest information. All these apps include a variety of features for reading lovers. These applications are decent to read and have easy access to all apps.

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