Top 5 Language Learning Apps For Android Devices

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Well if someone needs to get the Top 5 Language Learning Apps, we with some of the best applications which will help you to learn many languages. You will be able to get access to all the basic skills of any language on your android device. 

Technology has made it possible for anyone to learn online. You can learn any language with these applications. This will give you comfort when you are a good traveler and want some basics about the local languages of that area.

What are the language learning apps for android?

Tons of applications are available to learn languages with the available tools and features. All the Top 5 Language Learning Apps details are given below.


This application has gained maximum popularity in no time with its language learning apps. This application has sold 10 million subscriptions so far. Here you can get innovative and interactive learning lessons. You would get evidence-based lessons on your android device.

This application comes in two different versions it comes with a free version with easy access. The other one comes with a monthly subscription with an amount to pay $13.95. You can get a subscription up to three months, six months, and a year too.

  • Interactive dialogue to help with pronunciation.
  • 10-15 minute lessons to make it flexible with your schedule.
  • Unique and immersive teaching style.


Screenshot of Duolingo

This application provides the most game-like lessons to complete, it offers 35 different languages in a single application. You may get science-based teaching methods in this application. The option of a personalized learning style is available for its users.

Although the learning process is too progressive, meaning each one builds off the one before it. In this application, you have to complete all the given stages to unlock the next level. The app receives 1.2 million ratings on the Google play store.

  • Free language learning.
  • Well-organized, progressive lessons.
  • Features designed to keep you motivated.
  • Lessons can be done in just a few minutes.

Rosetta Stone

The application has served people for 25 years, including the best features to learn the languages of your choice. It has dozens of languages to offer people and has a built-in curriculum plan that best fits for all to learn any language on their devices. 

With the help of audio recognition, you can learn any language, the stories feature also allows you to learn by reading along with native speakers. This application offers a three to twelve-month subscription process where you have to pay up to $7.99 and $11.199.

  • Various pricing options.
  • Personalized lesson plan.
  • Proven teaching method.


Screenshot of Memrise

For this application you have to pay a price of $8.99 per month and the lifetime plan includes a payment of $139.99 for access to all its users. There are lessons filled with real word parses designed to learn many languages. 

Although you can video of the native language speakers and practice using real words to explore the best skills to learn many languages on your android devices

Memorise app has excellent user reviews. With more than 175,000 reviews, the app has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5. It also has an Editor’s Choice Award for being one of the best language-learning apps.

  • Designed to help you learn real-world phrases. 
  • Game elements to make learning more fun.
  • Lots of content for each language.


Busuu takes a goal-oriented approach to language learning by allowing you to create study goals and a study plan to help you achieve those goals. The app uses topic-based lessons to help you learn vocabulary and increase your conversational skills gradually. 

Busuu has three different plan options to choose from. The free Basic plan gives you access to one language and a limited number of features. The Premium plan also allows for just one language but allows you to unlock more features.

Finally, the Premium Plus plan gives you access to up to 12 languages and all app features. Monthly, 12-month, and 24-month plans are available, with the longer plans being cheaper per month.

  • Interaction with native speakers.
  • Goal-oriented approach.
  • Well-structured courses.
  • Three plans to subscribe.

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Final Words 

All these Top 5 Language Learning Apps will help you to get the basic skills about a different language. These applications are with the best-provided features to learn many languages. You will get tons of languages in s single app on your android device. 

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