Top 5 Free Logo Maker Apps For Android Devices

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There is plenty of apps that would offer you to make logos but we are with some of the Top 5 Free Logo Maker Apps which will provide you with the best eye-catching design that you would love it.

With these apps, you will get a professional touch of drawings and designs. You will get these best feature assistance to draw the best logos. All these applications are free and easy to use. There will be tons of techniques to make a logo.

What are the top free Logo maker apps?

With the following Top 5 Free Logo Maker Apps, you will get the best designs and drawings. All details are given below.


Screenshot of Adobe

This application provides you with the best creative tools and is the same on a mobile device as on a PC. It would provide you with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Capture, Adobe Comp, and much more for users.

The most prominent and used tools are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Capture. Illustrator can be said as a less powerful tool for android users. You can convert your artwork into a logo with the basic tools given in this application.

You will love this app with creative tools to convert real scenes into logos. All services and features are free and have easy download on android mobile devices. This app will prove itself as the most popular logo makers in the market.


As a dominant app, Canva has proved itself with a bunch of features available for its users. You will get the best graphic design and much more to explore with this amazing app. much more cases can be solved with this app.

You have an option of importing designs you already have. Photos, text, and other elements can be added. Users can have an excess of 500 fonts, logo templates, goodies, and much more.

This solid app can be an available free version and a premium one too, but the thing is that the premium one could be more expensive for all users. Well with both options this app is perfect with the latest features to make logos.


Screenshot of Dotpict

Dotpict is a simple drawing app for pixel artists. Pixel is kind of in right now for a lot of creators and an app like this lets you create your pieces of pixel art rather easily. Well, it’s fair to say that this app includes what all users need to have for creating logos.

It’s a simple app overall, but it includes some neat features like a consistent auto-save and it lets you draw without hiding the pen tip with your finger.

 Additionally, you get the usual stuff like undo, redo, zoom, and you can add or remove the pixel grid to see your final product as you work. The app is free to use or you can get the pro version for $6.49.

Font Rush

Font Rush is an excellent tool if you need a logo. It boasts over 200 fonts along with 250 background images for use on photos. You can, of course, use this app on logos as well if you want to.

It’s a simple process. You import your logo image, add your text, and then change the font until you find something you like. 

This app is mostly for social media and other such platforms and so the tools work toward that end, but it’s one of the few good ways to find some neat fonts for your logos project. You will get the free and pro versions for its users but the pro version would cost $7.99.

Iris Logo Maker

Screenshot of Iris Logo Maker

You see this app as a decent logo generator while you use it on your mobile. It will provide you the same features that are all in a logo maker app. mostly you will have the option of shapes, colors, backgrounds, textures, stickers, and other graphical materials in it.

You will receive the best combination that you have needed for logo making. Just add the text and change the color of your font. There are 25 categories of stickers and icons in the application.

It’s all for free and easy to use just download it on your mobile to receive the best features. If you want to get more features and services go for the pro version, but it will cost you money.

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Final Words 

Top 5 Free Logo Maker Apps will provide you with tons of features to make a logo. So get these apps on your android to convert some artwork into logo making. You will get the best free versions and pro versions so it’s up to you what you utilize for yourself.

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