Download Revo Scan APK v5.2.7 Free for Android Devices

Download Revo Scan APK v5.2.7 Free for Android Devices
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Revo Scan APK is a breath of fresh air for fans of this technological aspect. Now using the mobile phone, you can indulge yourself in this amazing activity. Gone are the days when this was only available for a selected few with access to the right tools.

As 3D scanning revolutionized the concept of building the digital world into real-world objects, very few were able to use this option in reality. But now, thanks to the Revo Scan App tool for Android run devices, it is just a matter of a few minutes.

Grab the latest version by tapping the download button given above. Read further and find all the hidden and obvious features of this amazing tool. Learn how to use it and get to know all the options of this application in full detail.

All About Revo Scan APK

The Revo Scan APK is an Android app to create 3D models of real-world objects. Using this application now you can convert any object into a full-scale 3D model without any issues. Once you install the latest version, your smartphone or tablet becomes a scanning device.

It uses Photogrammetry to create 3D models using your handheld gadget as a scanning device. There is no lengthy procedure to get the work done. It is totally simple; all you need is a working camera on your device. Once you have it, it is just a matter of a few minutes.

The Revo Scan Android wants you to focus the object in the center of the frame and get some images. Android users can also opt for a video mode and record a full-scale video of the object by moving the activated camera around the specified item.

The Magic of Mobile 3D Scanner

All that the Revo Scan APK demands from you is to scan the item from various angles. For this make sure the environment is adequately lit and you are not facing the source of light. Make sure there are no shadows created while shooting the object.

Once the shoot is complete, the application then automatically calls in the photogrammetry tech and creates a complete 3D mesh from the images or the video captured by you. Make sure you take multiple angles and frames with overlapping details.

The more detailed and in-depth the raw files are, the better Revo will be able to grab the essence of it and will translate the work into 3D accordingly. It enables Android device users to get awesome 3D models instantly.

Key Features of Revo Scan APK

The Revo Scan Android is an awesome invention coming to Android devices. Using this tool, you can translate real-world objects into the digital world with full details. The real feel of the application is in its features.

In this section, team Apk2Play is going to share some of the major features of this amazing tool with you. Get to know the app in detail before downloading the latest version for yourself from the provided link for free.

  • Get the full high-quality output from the dedicated servers of the app without burdening your mobile. All you need to do is take pictures or a video of the object using the phone camera and connect to an internet connection. The data will be uploaded and processed automatically.
  • You get the chance to process more than one model with the provided credits and can download the results in high quality. If you want to download the models in various forms then you will need credits that can be purchased easily.
  • Sometimes after taking photos and processing them, you might feel like the results are not satisfactory for you, in this case, don’t feel your credits are lost. Simply claim the credits back as many times as you want till you are satisfied with the models.
  • Before even downloading the finished product, the users can preview the results in the built-in high-quality model preview option in the application.
  • There is a full option for users to interact with other users of the platform to get feedback on their efforts or even find what others are achieving. For this simply publish your work on the community timeline which can be seen by others. They can give you feedback in the form of comments and likes.
  • To make sure your work is private unless you want it to be public, the default settings for a model are private.
  • All the users get the option to upload the 3D models to third-party 3D model hosting sites and share them on other social media platforms as well. Or simply export your work using various formats like FBX, OBJ, and many more.
  • Print your work by attaching your device to a 3D printer and get the product in real. The use of the Revo Scan APK is super easy and anyone can perform all these tasks using the user-friendly interface.

Standard Operating Procedure for Revo Scan Android Use

The Revo Scan APK  is one of the best applications ever created for 3D modeling. But the output you get varies depending upon the quality of the device hardware, such as camera specs and image processing capabilities. However, by keeping the following objectives in mind, it is very easy to get what you want.

  • Focus on the object in the center of your frame and move around it slowly, capturing many images and videos.
  • Make sure the pictures and videos are not blurry and the object is clearly focused with appropriate lighting.
  • The object to be scanned should be immovable.
  • Focus on each aspect of the item at least in three consecutive pictures.
  • Ensure there is much overlap in the object’s images.
  • The limitation of Revo Scan app is not limited to immovable objects. But they should not be reflective, uniform textured, or transparent to get the best results.
  • Use a different and contrasting background for better image quality.

Process for Revo Scan Download

In this section, we will take you through a step-by-step guide on downloading and installing APKs from third-party websites without going to Google Play Store. Just follow the steps and you can enjoy Revo Scan APK soon.

  1. First, tap the download button and this will take you to a dedicated page. Wait for at least 12 seconds and your file will be ready. The next step is to press the APK file button and this will start the download process.
  2. Now, go to the security settings and enable unknown sources. With this enabled, you can now install third-party apps without any problems. But only use trusted websites like ours.
  3. Finally, go to the File Manager and locate the downloaded Revo Scan APK file. Tap it and this will prompt for installation. Go ahead by granting the required permissions. This will take the installation process to a successful conclusion in a matter of a few minutes.


What is Revo Scan APK?

It is a 3D scanning application for smartphones and tablets running on the Android operating System.

Can I download Revo Scan APK from Google Play Store?

No, the APKs are only available on third-party websites like ours. They cannot be downloaded from the Play Store.

Is it safe to use this Revo Scan Android file?

We have tested it on various devices before sharing it on our platform. We are sure that it is working fine and there are no bugs.

Is it legal to access Revo Scan APK when it is banned?

If you are using it to delete your account or access your data or to get refunds then it is justifiable. But it is not recommended to go against the law of the land. Moreover, a VPN can provide the required access if it is officially banned in your location.


Among many scanning applications that are developed for the Android world, the Revo Scan APK is one of the best. With a full detailed guideline describing the full procedure for getting optimal results, it makes sure the efforts are not going in vain. But if you are not satisfied, there is simply a way to get your credits back. We recommend it to all 3D scanning enthusiasts around the world.

Latest Version
App Info
  • App Name Revo Scan APK
  • Package Name com.revopoint3d.revoscan
  • Updated
  • Required Android 7.0
  • Version 5.2.7
  • Price $0
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