Pink WhatsApp Apk [New Pink Whatsapp Scam]

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Hello WhatsApp users, we are here with some important information for you all, which is about your privacy and protection. Pink WhatsApp Apk is a new virus, which claims to provide a pink interface of WhatsApp. But it is a virus, which hacks the user’s device and fetches all the data.

There are tons of different platforms, through which users can easily communicate and share their data. But WhatsApp is one of the most popular platforms, which has billions of users all over the globe. So, there are always people, who want to misuse other’s information in different ways.

What is Pink WhatsApp Apk?

Pink WhatsApp Apk is an Android virus application, which provides false information about the services. The application is developed to hack other’s accounts and access all their information without permission. The application claims to improve the interface of the application and provides a pink interface.

There are tons of groups available for the users, in which this new virus is quite popular and thousands of users are using it. Pink WhatsApp App isn’t an official update from Facebook, which is one of the main reasons people should not get the app on their device. We are going to share some information about the official one.

The official app is provided by Facebook, which provides users to get the best communication features and services. The platform provides users to share data and communication with the available contact numbers. The platform requires a number registration system for the users.

So, the users will be able to contact the other available users. You can communicate using text messages, audio, and video calling features. It doesn’t require any additional charges for the users. So, you only need internet connectivity to access all the services.

There are billions of users, who share their personal and professional data. So, there are people, who want to use their data. So, recently a new system was introduced to scam people and get all their data and contact information.

It started with sharing a new link in the official groups, through which it spread easily all over the globe. People started to like the new version, which is a virus and method to scam people. The link provides Pink WhatsApp App Download, which starts automatically downloading process of virus.

Once the Apk file has been downloaded on any Android device, then it performs services like the official version. You might don’t find the difference between the official one and the virus. The main difference is the interface color, which changed from green to pink.

The downloaded file isn’t harmful to any user until you install Pink WhatsApp Download Apk on your device. If you downloaded the app, then don’t worry about it. Simple, delete it from your device and restart it. The process will remove all cache and your device will be secure.

How to Save Your Device From WhatsApp Pink Virus?

If you installed Pink Virus, then you might face some problems. So, we are going to share some simple solutions with you all. The main thing you need to do is to disable all internet connections, which includes Wi-Fi and mobile data.

After this process, you have to uninstall the application and restart your device. You also have to remove all the leftover files manually from your device, which isn’t any difficulty. Access Android files and find the application data and delete all of them.

If you want to get 100% sure about the safety, then you can reset your device. It will remove all the applications and data, but your data won’t be shared with anyone. So, try these steps, and don’t ever use any third-party application on your device.

There are tons of different related information available in the market, but we will recommend you not to download the file. WhatsApp Pink is very risky for your privacy. So, use the official application and get safe connectivity.

What Can You Lose For Using Pink WhatsApp App?

There are tons of difficulties, which you have to face for using this app. Losing control of your Android device is one of them, but there are also many more. So, we are going to share some of them with you all below.

  • All Media: Photos, Voice Notes, Videos
  • Communication Features Aren’t Secure
  • All Contact Information
  • E-Wallet Information
  • WhatsApp Pay Information
  • Many More

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Final Words

There are tons of scamming applications are available in the market. Pink WhatsApp Apk Download is one of them, through which you will lose all your privacy. So, you don’t need to get this app and also don’t get other third-party applications without some valid information. Keep visiting our Website for more information.

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