How to Use TikTok in India? Working Methods to Access TikTok

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After the government of Indian banning the famous short-video sharing platform, Tiktok not all the users of the application are happy. That is why most of them are asking how to use TikTok in India.

This article is going to explore the methods using which you can access your account on the platform.

Before we go for the methods, it is important for you to know that access to any content on the internet that the government has banned may land you in trouble. So, it is up to you whether it is worth taking the risk for you or not.

How to Use TikTok in India?

One of the largest markets of famous social media platforms TikTok banned it in the wake of political and security discord with its neighboring country that happens to be the home of the platform.

With the sudden decision, people in the length and breadth of India found themselves unable to access the application.

Many famous TikTokers from India would no longer be able to connect to millions of fans from the world over. At the same time, many people using the application would be anxious about their data. Whether you want a backup of your precious data, or want to connect to the users. There are ways to do so.

If you are one of them and for any reason want to find a way to reach your profile on the site. Here we will share the methods through which you can do that. Whether it is your data, a matter of concern for you, or the followers you don’t want to lose. We will share all the ways for you.

Accessing TikTok in India

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There are two ways that you can use to get access to TikTok. Although, we must tell you the TikTok app on your phone is of no use, because it has been banned and would not work, until or unless the ban is removed and access is restored.

The alternate method is the TikTok website. Yes, the TikTok website is the only working method for all the aspirants wanting to get to the platform. Since it is a website you can open it on your web browser using a VPN.

1 Use VPN

A VPN changes your location on the server and gets you through the firewalls in that way the blocked site can be opened.

There are a number of VPN services both paid and free that you can use to open the TikTok website. A paid one will give you better service while with a free one you may have to face a slow browsing experience with advertisements running to annoy you.

2 Use a New Device

The TikTok Application is blocked by hardware ID on mobile devices. The working option for you is to ‘Factory Reset’ mobile device or tablet. But the disadvantage is you will no longer be able to recover the lost data on your smartphone.

To avoid this inconvenience, you can buy a cheap mobile phone or tablet with Wifi connectivity. Now install a working VPN on the new device and tether it. TikTok will open for you on the device. Don’t forget to remove the SIM Card if any.

The alternate step is to use your primary smartphone or tablet for the same purpose. Backup your phone to Cloud or an SD card. Then ‘Factory Reset’ the gadget from the settings. This will reset the hardware Id (HW-ID). Then install the VPN and open the site from the browser.


With the ban in effect access to TikTok App is not possible for someone trying to access it from the Indian Territory. for those asking how to use TikTok in India, the only workaround for the ban is to install a VPN or look for an old Android or IOS run the device and apply the method mentioned above.

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