How to Use a USB Mic with Android? Tricks and Guide

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How to use a USB mic with Android? Our android run smartphones and tablets are many in one machine evolving out of the just phones meant to talk and text. With everything going online why not recording videos and talking to the public.

Earlier, this was a straightforward task of just plugging the Mic pin in the earpiece jack. With evolution comes complexity and that is why the Android has come a long way to make the task a little more arduous. If you too are finding yourself lost. Here we are to help you.

How to Use a USB Mic with Android?

 The simplest way to go is to utilize a USB microphone using a suitable on-the-go adapter. This is easy and best because most of the modern Android smartphones support OTG and can easily provide the required power for the microphone.

So, seems like everything is good, right? Hmm, we wish. Though you can use a USB microphone with your Android phone this way but not with every app as a system-level mic.

USB Microphone Support in Android Apps

This means a compatible Android app is a must that supports the USB audio interface. Only this way you can use a USB mic in Android while creating material for your videos or next podcasts.

This you can check out by the maker’s device details. Every famous Go microphone maker list the famous apps that are compatible with their product.

If you find your favorite application missing this feature the best approach is to contact the developer and request them to add the feature in their next update.

In any way follow the tips below if you have an issue: But the secret is, these would not always work for all the applications on your smartphone.

  1. Connect the microphone before starting the application.
  2. Try by changing the app’s audio source to ‘external’. This will allow the software to connect directly to the external source of audio capturing.

As more and more brands are dropping the headphone jack following the trail of Apple. You will soon see the introduction of OS-level USB mic support. The best feature of this is it does not require the hard to find app level support to function.

Before that happens, you will have to move some muscles to get what you want. This is all you need to know about how to use a USB mic with Android run smartphones and tablets.

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