By Feral Interactive

Tropico Tropico
You are the almighty in the world of Tropico. Here you are the leader of the Caribbean island, which has a huge supply of resources, promising potential, in-game humor and political overtones. But do not forget about the most important thing - the people expect modernization from you.

Do not forget to think because in Tropico, in addition to improving roads, buildings, and people, there is the development of military, commercial, and international politics. And this corner can one day become a tourist paradise, a highly developed state, a totalitarian state, or something else.

It all depends on you. Make a one-time payment and get access to the presidential palace, you still need it.

To play Tropico, you do not need much - 2.5GB of free space on the device and Android 8.Free download the game Tropico for Android you can on our website.