Top Five Data Sharing Tools For Android OS [Apps]

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Are you looking for a data-sharing application and bored with old methods, let us provide you with the best sharing apps which will not be going to waste your time. These will bring the easiest and safest methods where you can share your desired files.

These file transfer apps share files through locally connected Wi-Fi without wasting your internet data. You can share these applications from mobile to mobile and your PC also at the fastest speed. You can send messages and have access to other files on different devices.

What Are The Top Five Data Sharing Apps?

These are the best applications someone has on their android devices, where they can share any kind of file with the fastest speeds you ever have. All are in detail below.


With more than 500 million downloads this app is the most popular sharing app. where you can transfer any file with the help of your Wi-Fi connection without any internet connection. You will be able to share all kinds of photos, apps, videos, and much more you have on your android device.

Once the devices are connected you can transfer anything with the help of displayed lists, a receiver can have the choice to choose whatever file they like to transfer. You can share files at a speed of 20Mbps. You can also copy data from the receiver’s device by the CLONE it features.

This app has been a band in India, with more than 58 other Chinese applications for illegal data practices. For the same reasons, it was also banned in more countries.


If you are looking for something special to transfer your data then this app would give you the best services. More options are offered apart from data sharing you can read and reply to messages, and you can pick up calls from PC also.

People can transfer their files on a local network while they are offline, most interesting thing about this app is to be the safest and has end-to-end encryption while sharing files. You will not receive any ads while you transfer files.

More you can share links between PC and Android quickly, which can be said to the remote control of the PC. This app is all free for users while there is a premium version is available at a cost of $14.99 on the Google play store for all.


With the help of the portal, you can share individual files, multiple files, and even entire folders at once. This app uses direct Wi-Fi to transfer files, so the two people who are sharing any files should be on the same network for further processing.

Like other apps Portal doesn’t need any PC-side software to transfer to a PC. You can manage with a web interface and have easy access to QR codes. Devices that run Android lollipop can remove SD cards to save the shared files.

More than a million downloads in a year and tons of active users all around the world. Producing a rating of 4.1 it’s gained more popularity in public.

Public Beam

Another popular application with millions of downloads by its users. It also uses Wi-Fi to share and connect with others. Providing the best look with light, dark, and AMOLED themes for choices. Sharing files includes their categories scanning a QR code, connecting via NFC, or entering a key to receive.

The process of file transfer can be completed when both receiver and sender are on the same network, if you don’t have a Wi-Fi router it uses Wi-Fi directly to share any file with others. So it gives you the maximum opportunity to share material of your own choice.

The web interface can be used to transfer files on your PC. This app also offers a pro version where you can share files with more than one person. You could not see any ads and it’s free for all users.


You can access devices without any wire connection. You can transfer and receive all kinds of files on your PC and Android mobile. This app also provides you an option for messages and access to all kinds of android apps on your PC.

Users can get the option of backup their files like videos and photos from the phone to the computer, also you can locate your phone if lost. You can avail all essential features with the free version of this application.

This amazing app with its 4.3 Google play store rating and a record of more than ten million downloads a sensation for users.

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Final Words

Nowadays have gone for the old techniques to transfer from one device to another device. These latest versions will you the fastest ways to transfer anything, having no safety issues for all kinds of devices. Get these best sharing apps without wasting your precious time.

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