Top 5 Forex Trading Apps for Android Users in 2023

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If you are looking for the best trading apps then we are going to introduce the Top 5 Forex Trading Apps. These will help you in Trade forex with the given list available on your android mobile will help you in forex capabilities.

With the help of these trading apps, you will be able to exchange currencies for others. One can easily link to the foreign currency market. You will have a huge market where you can get maximum profit out of it.

What are the forex trading apps for android users?

Following are the Top 5 Forex Trading Apps that will help you to access, the global market. All the details are given below.

Trading Game

This application works on android and IOS as well this trading game helps, you in investing real money in the real markets globally. This app is helpful to those who are new to this market and want to invest money.

It’s a story-type game where you can learn ways how to earn real money. You will get a lesson about trading techniques to make extra money. You will get tips about the market and numerous pro tips about how to invest step by step.

Here you can get quizzes and tests that will enhance your abilities. Someone can get all the latest information that one needs to enter the trading market. Once you installed this on your device you will get all the skills needed for trade.

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Screenshot of Etoro

With the trade application, there is a 75 % of chance of losing money when someone trades in CFDs. But with risks, their more chances of earning this platform gives you all the need to earn more out of it.

This application can be applicable on android and IOS devices. it includes 220 million trading accounts at eToro and the number is getting day by day. This app is perfect for those people who want to earn from professionals.

You can get the maximum benefit from these professionals in how they make a decision and one can socialize with them, and repeat the steps they take while they trade in the market. Make these steps your part of forex tradings.

Go Forex

Are you just starting in the Forex game and investing your savings to make extra money? Then look no further. Here’s the best foreign currency guide for new learners. Go Forex helps new traders understand what’s going on behind their trades. 

With Go Forex, picking up the trade tricks and understanding the basics has never been easier. You can learn and test your knowledge with Quizzes after each lesson. The platform enables users to understand and master each topic thoroughly.

Get the best insights and collect Wall Street trade experience with Go Forex, and get more profit out of it in the trading market.


Screenshot of Robinhood

Robinhood is everybody’s darling when it comes to the retail trade world. This application allows you to fetch all information related to the trade. With its best retail services, you can maximize your profit

The Fintech Company is on a mission to provide its users with access to the financial markets. The banking app offers a straightforward path to buy stocks, ETFs, options, and even Crypto through its Crypto platform. 

Every trade is commission FREE, which leaves more money in your wallet for you to invest.


Revolut app provides the latest trade techniques for banking in the UK. This app does tradings differently from other trading apps. You will need to get a membership with this app to start trading.

It’s all free for standard accounts once you get the membership you will be able to trade in the market. You will get more benefits like free stock trades per month. A premium account will cost $9.99 per month and allows eight stock transactions per month.

This application can be downloaded on android and IOS devices. You can easily download the app and get started with new techniques and services you need for trading.

Final Words

With these Top 5 Forex Trading Apps, one can access all the activities related to forex trading. Once you get these apps on your mobile you just need to sit back and earn maximum money with real markets.

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