Titan Quest

By HandyGames

Titan Quest Titan Quest

Mighty titans, after many years of imprisonment, break free and are going to destroy the world. The gods are not able to resist them independently, therefore a true hero must come to their aid. It depends on you the future of people and gods.

Create a character and start exploring the world. Fight a bunch of monsters, pre-mastered the skills of archery, fencing, or the art of magic. Based on your preferences in battle, select the appropriate weapon - a bow, sword or magic stick.

Game features:

  • Excellent graphics.
  • Big world, with the change of day and night.
  • Over 1000 items.
  • 30 classes and 150 skills.
  • A variety of monsters.
  • Excellent balance of levels. Opponents will be equal to you.
  • A lot of achievements obtained during the passing game.

You can download the game Titan Quest for Android on our website.