SimCity BuildIt


SimCity BuildIt SimCity BuildIt SimCity BuildIt SimCity BuildIt SimCity BuildIt

In the game SimCity BuildIt you - the mayor! And you build and develop your city the way you want it. But also do not forget about its inhabitants. Make decisions so that they are happy.

Game features:

  • Relive the city. Build skyscrapers and small houses, factories and entertainment centers, parks and museums, and much more. Build a power station, hospital, fire department and police station. Provide residents with education by building schools and institutions. Make a yacht club off the coast.
  • Club of Mayors. Join it to start interacting with other players. Trade or share resources.
  • PvP battles in real time. Team up with your friends or acquaintances from the club of mayors and declare war on others.

You can download SimCity BuildIt for Android on our website.