Nais Training Diary APK Download Latest v1.3.7 [Dating RPG]

Nais Training Diary APK Download Latest v1.3.7 [Dating RPG]
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Nais Training Diary APK for Android devices brings a dating role-playing game. The whole gameplay revolves around a girl named Nai’s life where you as a player will have an important role to play. With anime-inspired graphics, the cute voice of the character, and more attractions this mobile game is a must-try. Hit the download button above for the latest version now.

Role Playing Games will provide an insight into life from a certain perspective. Thus in this game, an innocent girl will have an encounter with the Android player and thus she will become an important part from the very start. But you have a say at every point. This choice-based story game has many unexpected encounters in stores. Explore them now.

About Nais Training Diary APK for Android Devices

Get Nais Training Diary Android APK and immerse yourself in a romantic RPG created exclusively for mobile phones and tablet users. Stunning visuals with epic scenes of a couple’s life are waiting to unfold. But getting there is not easy as you have to traverse the delicate moods of the central figure, Nai the innocent girl.

This Android package file of the game is scanned and tested for its compatibility across the devices running on the Android Operating System. If you are a fan of anime-inspired gameplay then this is a title you must not skip. Go through the emotional fluctuations and ups and downs of relationships and learn how to navigate the delicate moments with patience in this game. Unrealistic rewards are waiting for the persistent players a feature also shared by Waifu Academy.

Key Features of This Mobile RPG

The game comes with many perks and attributes unparalleled to what you can see and find on any other game. This is why throughout the gameplay various diversions and unexpected outcomes will keep you going. Once you download Nais Training Diary APK latest version, here is what you are going to find:

Stunning Characters

Every character that appears on the screen during the whole gameplay looks like someone from a Korean movie. The anime inspiration is kept alive throughout as the characters enter and exit. This is why from the main persona Nai to the police officer, that devilish woman, and others, all look like an inspiration from a manga. Spend time witnessing the ultimate detail as you go from one part to the next on the mobile screen.

Immersive Gameplay

Nais Training Diary is a novel-like story that moves slowly following your input. It will begin when one day you find a girl in need of help. A bruised and wounded Nai is at your door asking for your mercy and attention. Shelter her and protect her from bad people to make sure she is safe. Within a few days, followed by interactions with her, you will start falling for this beautiful girl. As the bond grows the complexity deepens and so do the requirements and demands. Now take it slow, teach her social skills, show her your love and affection, and find a job for her. As this is a stat-based gameplay, you must try your best to reduce her stress. If you are gentle and have enough patience, there are amazing rewards waiting for you.

Animations and Graphics to Write Home About

One of the distinctive features that a user finds right after Nais Training Diary full game installation from is its graphics. The game graphs are so detailed that it looks like a 3D gameplay. The animations are comprehensive enough to merit deep appreciation from the player. As Nai narrates her story and converses using her cute voice, you cannot stop wondering more about her. Can you stop falling in love? Her appearance and features will give you a tough time suppressing your feelings towards her.

Choice-Based Story Ending

What makes the whole game a must-play for Android gamers is the various sets of endings for it. Based on the interactions and choices of the Android player, the overall unfolding of the story will take place. This leaves the player with the extra duty of keeping themselves involved in the gameplay. The player has to keep everything balanced. This means you must show love, care, and attention, and fulfill other requirements to keep the beautiful girl happy. If the focus is too much on something particular the weak girl will not be able to deal with this stress and could fall ill. Thus ensure you are taking each step after thorough thinking without leaving any loopholes.

Simple Game Mechanics

Similar to the Doraemon X, the Nais Training Diary APK comes with simple game mechanics. The major tabs like status, conversation, work, going out, work, learn, changing clothes, and showing love are on the right side of the screen while the left-hand side accommodates major conditions like daily cost, Nai’s status, and your wallet. No matter what tab is selected by the Android gamer, it is a tap-and-move-ahead gameplay with various choices in the form of buttons that appear on the screen. Tap on it and your selection will steer the story in a particular direction.

How to Download and Install This Role Playing Android Game?

Just like other third-party games, this particular title has to go through the same procedure of downloading and installation as it is the standard for Android package kit files. This guide will help if you are using a third-party .apk package file for the first time. Follow the steps for a successful conclusion:

Start with Nais Training Diary APK Download

Here is the breakdown of this section:

  1. Press the download button.
  2. Wait for the APK file icon to appear on the screen.
  3. Press this icon and it will show the ‘Download Anyway,’ option.
  4. Now simply press this icon. Don’t worry about the warning message, it is a standard security response. The downloading process will start now.

Enable Unknown Sources

Third-party websites like this one always make sure you are getting a trusted and scanned Android package kit file. Nonetheless, the security system of the Android device will block any attempt at installation. Here is how Android users can overcome this hurdle and install apps and games like Nais Training Diary APK:

  1. Go to the smartphone or tablet screen and locate the settings icon.
  2. Tap on this icon and locate the ‘Security Settings’ tab from these options.
  3. After that move the button next to ‘unknown sources,’ to the right.

After this change apps and games can be installed using files with .apk extensions.

Install The RPG Game Using .apk File

With the game file downloaded it is time to go for the final step:

  1. Locate the Nais Training Diary APK file from the File or Downloads folder.
  2. Press this file and it will show a list of access permissions that must be granted.
  3. Now just allow them all and press the ‘next’ button.

With this, the process will start and after conclusion, you can locate the game icon on the Android device screen. Play the game directly now.


Is the Nais Training Diary Android APK provided here safe?

Yes, this third-party website is home to scanned and tested APKs that can be installed directly on mobile phones and tablets.

Is there any requirement for in-app purchases?

This game file comes with zero in-app purchases and subscriptions. However, the players need to unlock various aspects of the game by spending time with the female character.

Is Nais Training Diary APK latest version available here?

The role-playing Nais Training Diary full game is available here and that too as the latest version as per the releases of the developer. Thus there is no requirement for any additional files.

Can I play this game on my PC?

Though this game is Android-specific the users can still play the game on PCs using Android emulators. The same features and gameplay will welcome you on the big screen as well.

Live through Nai’s Story

Time to install Nais Training Diary APK and get through the gameplay unfolding the secrets, opportunities, and challenges as the story uncovers on the Android device screen. With immersive gameplay and various variables including the moods of the character, overall theme, and requirement for choices this game is one of the best RPGs created for Android devices. The download link below will provide access to the latest version. Time to discover the forbidden territories now!

Latest Version
Nais Training Diary APK Download Latest v1.3.7 [Dating RPG]
Nais Training Diary APK Download Latest v1.3.7 [Dating RPG] 1.3.7 apk
February 4, 2024 901.17 MB
App Info
  • App Name Nais Training Diary
  • Package Name com.playmeow.nai
  • Updated
  • Required Android 4.4
  • Version 1.3.7
  • Price $0
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