By Mojang

Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft

Explore the vast world in Minecraft. You have a choice of two modes. The first is survival, during which, in addition to construction, it is necessary to engage in the extraction of resources and food. For example, you can hunt for a cow, from which you get meat for steak, and make light armor from the skin. And from the skin of a sheep you can make yourself a bed for rest. The second is creative, in which you are not limited in resources. Build palaces, fortresses, bridges, whatever.

Game features:

  • Console commands. Control the game by invoking monsters, changing day to night or handing out items.
  • Free add-ons. If you are knowledgeable in programming, then try creating your own set of resources.
  • The game is on the network with 10 friends on the server provided to you.

Download the game Minecraft for Android you can on our website.