Loong Craft-TH

By GMThai Mobile Games

Loong Craft-TH Loong Craft-TH Loong Craft-TH Loong Craft-TH Loong Craft-TH

The game Loong Craft-TH will allow you to travel back to the days of ancient China, the era of the Three Kingdoms. There is a fierce war between the six kingdoms. Choose the side you like and start the battle. Rebuild your state and try to protect it from the invasion of enemies, collecting your numerous army of brave warriors. Explore all the kingdoms and gain valuable knowledge and experience during the battle with countless enemies and ordinary monsters.

Game features:

  • The ability to create guilds to play together with friends.
  • 6 different kingdoms and 4 classes of characters to choose from.
  • Large selection of weapons and uniforms for every taste.

You can download the game Loong Craft-TH for Android on our website.