How to Install Fortnite on Android: Play Store Alternates


Here we will explore the methods to install Fortnite on Android. Fortnite fell out with Google over its decision to add its own payment gateway. The game is no more available for download from Google Play Store or even on the Apple App store anymore.

So people who have bought new devices or had removed the game before are looking for a way to get the game on the phone.

While Apple iOS users cannot do that but the Android users still have a method to install their favorite game, albeit after making some extra efforts. If you are looking for a way to here we will explain the method for you.

Install Fortnite on Android

Though there are a couple of ways you can achieve this but first start with the safest methods to install Fortnite on Android. This will work for the people who own Samsung smartphones. Since Google Play Store is out, we have another way here and it is Samsung Galaxy Store.

Fortnite before appearing on Play Store came to Galaxy Store and it is still available for installation. If you have a high-end Samsung phone that can handle the game for you, just head to the Galaxy store and with your Samsung account download the Epic Games launcher. With this, you can not only install the Fortnite but the “Battle Breakers” as well.

Install Fortnite Using APK on Your Android Phone

Image of Installing Fortnite on Android

This is for the other Android phones which have all the options closed with the removal of the game from the official play store. The users can still download the APK provided by Epic Games. APK is the name used for the android app extension, these are the files that every Android app is installed.

Since you need to be sure about the origin of the APK in order to stay safe and protect your phone from malicious software. The best way is to find a reliable source to download the application.

First, go to the Epic Games website to download the official APK using your mobile phone or tablet. If you have never before used the APK route to get an application for your mobile phone then you will be prompted with the message ‘install from unknown sources’. You can do this by heading to Settings and then tapping the Security Settings from the smartphone.

Now that the Epic Games Store is installed on your device. This time you can install the game of Fortnite from the store. This time you will be prompted again with the requirement of permission to install unknown apps from the Epic Games Store. Grand the permission and the game will be installed.

Safety Before Entertainment

The next step recommended for the users is not directly head to the game. Instead, it is time to secure the gate by going to the settings again on your device. The process varies from device to device and the type of Android software installed on the phone.

Go to Settings on the device then Find the ‘Apps & Notifications’. Then tap on ‘Special app access’. Scroll down to ‘Install Unknown Apps’. Now if you have used the Chrome browser to install the game turn the permission off for installing unknown apps for it.

But to continue the Fortnite updates to your phone, allow the Epic Games Store to continue to have the access to installing APKs on your smartphone. Since the updates would be coming from the official store of the game the risk is quite low. Anyways, Google still does not consider this a safe way and the choice is yours to make.

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Despite the removal, there are other ways to install Fortnite on Android mobile phones or tablets. If you want to play the game on your device select the method mentioned above and enjoy the game.

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