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Space is up for grabs in India with the removal of PUBG from the market. As the Government of India announced additional hundred-plus apps from China no more available in the country the list also included PUBG.

That is why we have Fearless and United: Guards or FauG game from nCore. An Indian game developing company based in Bengaluru.

This is a multiplayer battle royale shooting game like the just one banned. The news was announced by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar on his Twitter. After the announcement people are asking about the release date, download options, FauG app, and APK version of the game. Read the article to find out all the details.

What is FauG Game?

Based on real situations and missions carried out by the Indian Security forces the FuaG Game is a Battle Royale shooting game. The players will experience in real-time how the forces deal with domestic and foreign threats.

The first level of the game is set in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh Region in Kashmir. This will be followed by third-person shooting gameplay in the subsequent releases.

The aim of this game is to promote a sense of responsibility in the younger generation. Placing them in situations where they can entertain themselves as well learn to pick the call of duty for the nation.

Additionally, more than 20% of the net income generated by the platform of the FauG app will directly go to the Bharat Ke Veer Trust, an organization that supports and deals with people laying their lives for the nation.

India was one of the largest markets for the famous PUBG mobile game. Now with the game out of the list of options available for players which game will fill the gap? The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which is mostly known by its acronym PUBG mobile is one of the globally famous Multiplayer Battle Royale Games.

The game engaged millions of monthly active players from India which made the country one of the largest markets for the game. With the option no more available, definitely, the players are looking for alternatives.

As a result, many gaming companies are scrambling for the empty slot in this large market. The announcement from nCore is in this aspect a hope for the government for two reasons. The first that an alternative option is soon going to be available for the players.

Secondly, the game is being created and managed by an Indian company. This will secure the future of the game if the company manages it properly and succeeds in impressing the users with their product.

FauG Game Release Date

There is a lot of speculation around the FauG Game release date. According to the latest available confirmed details Fearless and United: Guards development work begins in May/June of 2020 and will be released in the month of October most probably in the latter weeks of the month.

If you are looking for Fau-G or Fau G APK or the FauG App rest assured as soon as the game is released the game will be available for you both in App and APK format. Or you would be able to get it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The players will get an option to enjoy the game and as well as learn about the circumstance the guards of the nation go through to protect the country. With FauG download you can play your role by helping those who laid their life as a portion of the income will be used to help them.

FauG Game Vs PUBG Mobile?

The company nCore working on the FauG game has a great level of experience in MOBA games. Especially in the genre of mid-core games. The company has worked on games like SuperEvil Megacorp which has a global user base. International gaming studios like Rovio have collaborated with nCore in the past as well.

Now, would nCore manage to bring a quality product for the local user base that can make them forget the platforms like PUBG mobile? To know the answer we will have to wait for more details of the project. So far we know that the company has a pool of talented workforce that has created products for the international market previously.

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The ban on Chines apps has given the local and other creators and developers an unprecedented opportunity. The instance of TikTok can be taken as a case study. Its departure made room for nearly half a dozen short-video applications.

The same is the case for the gaming sector. The apps like FauG games can get a head start. Would they bring a product that can be compared with the international brands in the realm? The answers will be available with the launch of the app.

You can visit us for FauG download in the next month. We will definitely provide you Fau G or Fau-G APK.

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