Color Bump 3D

By Good Job Games

Color Bump 3D Color Bump 3D Color Bump 3D Color Bump 3D Color Bump 3D

In this exciting game Color Bump 3D you have to control the ball and hold it from beginning to end. But not everything is so simple. The labyrinth, in which you will move, is lined with various traps, which in no case can not be touched, otherwise you will have to start the level again. However, to go through the entire maze, you will need to destroy various geometric shapes that match the color of your ball. But do not try to destroy the shapes of a different color.

At the top of the screen will be information about what path you have been able to overcome and how far the finish is. There are over 100 levels in the game that will definitely make you think. Try to set records and rise in the ranking.

Download the game Color Bump 3D for Android you can on our website.